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Certificate properties

Validitation level *

Validation level means which validations the certificate authority do during the order process before the certificate is issued. In short, the higher the validation level the more trust the user can in the authenticity and identity of the certificate.

The lowest level Domain Validation is suitable to persons. At domain validation the issuer determine that the applicant have access to the domain.The next level of validation Organization Validation is suitable for companies and organizations. The issuer will do the same validation as for domain validation but also ascertain the applicant is part a registered company or organization and that they personally approve of the application. Extended Validation is currently the highest validation level. It will in most browser give the green address bar. This level is mostly used by banks, financial institutions, web shops, or web sites that handle credit card information or similar economic details.

Validation email for domain *

CA's use a pre-approved WHOIS address to send a domain validation email.In this email there is usually a link the applicant has to click to verify the domain. Other options include creating a DNS record or publicly available file with a generated hash.

admin@ administrator@ hostmaster@
webmaster@ postmaster@ Other...

Wildcard *

By using wildcard certificates one can use any name for a domain.

*.certezza.net would for example be valid for the both www.certezza.net and webmail.certezza.net, but not for sub.www.certezza.net

NOTE! It is for security reasons not recommended to use wildcard unless necessary, instead using SAN for ordinary certificates.


Subject Alternative Names, no need to add CN it will be added

Unlike wildcards, SAN can be added for specific subdomains.

Please note that if SAN are included in the CSR, the price for the order will be adjusted at the final step.

It is recommended to add all SAN manually for the order, rather then to have them in the CSR.

It is not necessary to add CN to SAN list, it will be added automatically.

Number of servers *

Some CAs license their certificates per server, which mean that if the certificate will be used on multiple server, additional licenses need to be purchased.

Thawte, GeoTrust and Globalsign allow the certificate to be installed on unlimited number of servers and no additional licenses are needed.

Product *

Max validity *


Included in the price for the above selected product, it is included consultation regarding purchase and installation.

Certificate Signing Request

PKCS #10 CSR *

A certificate signing request, or PKCS #10 CSR, is sent to the CA to be signed.

If you need assistance creating a CSR contact us (cert@certezza.net or 08-791 92 00) and we will gladly assist you!

Contact details for certificate

Firstname *

Surname *

Email *

Phone number *

Email for notifications *

As the certificate validity period start to reach its end Certezza will send notifications at determined intervals (90, 60, 30, 14, 7, 1 or 0 days).

For these notifications we recommend using a shared mailbox or distribution list.

Notification interval *

90 60 30 14 7 1 0

Invoice details

Organization *

Already customer at Certezza? *

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Invoice address *


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Summarization of your choices

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